Why Am I Here?

why am i hereIf you’ve asked the question, “God, why am I here? What am I doing? What am I supposed to do with my life?”, you are not alone. Thousands of people ask the same questions around the world. You are blessed to know that you can find the answers you’ve been looking for by knowing your personal prophecy. Your written prophecy will reveal things about you that you didn’t even know. It will help you understand yourself more and know the destiny that God has for you.

Personal prophecies help you discover your assignment that was given to you even when you were still in your mother’s womb. You will know the plans of God that should be fulfilled. Even before we were created, God already set out a mission for everyone to accomplish. But some of us just don’t know about it because we’ve chosen to forget God completely in our lives. Because of this, some of us will never get to do the amazing things we were set to do. But now that you know this truth, you can go into the world and make a difference. You will realize that you have been blessed with wonderful gifts and talents.

Change your life by getting your free written prophecy and see how God wants to use you as an instrument to fulfill His will in this world. Get to know the real you, discover the skills and gifts that have been assigned to you and finally know the your purpose. You will no longer have to ask, “Why am I here?”.

Bishop Bernard Jordan

The most trusted name in prophecy that gives the most accurate word of prophecy in your life. I have been prophesying since the age of 15 and have been called to speak in the life of millions.


  1. how can i know

  2. Iwant a job 4 housekeeping in uk my + 256774599180

  3. please tell me more about my self

  4. Innocent Simango

    want to know my 2013 prophecy

  5. Nicholas Motswagole

    I wish to told my personal prophecy, my destiny and purpose in life.

  6. Hi. I am curious in knowing if you know the answer.

  7. i like it and i want it to be posses on my e-mail every day

  8. god is good

  9. send me my reading

  10. Hello! Friend Thx

  11. deryver

  12. Frederick Kwabena Kumah

    I am a christian and I have given my life to Christ. From my childhood, I have suffered in the hands of relatives, that is my other brothers I was brought up with. Despite all the suffering, God opened up an opportunity for me to be educated as an orphan. I call myself an orphan because my father died when I was a little child. My mother who was alive due to poverty abandoned with my pagan uncles who were farmers and hunters. My other brothers I was brought up with were my senior mothers children who maltreated me badly during my childhood days. God being good to me as an orphan, I was very bright in school and also very respectful to everybody in the community. God used one of my senior mothers children, the most senior of them who was different from the other two who maltreated me to take care of my needs in school, even up to the tertiary level. My senior mother and other children did like what was happening but could not do anything because God was in control. To cut my story short, I will say God has been on my side, but despite the education I had, life has not been easy for me and family. I am now 53 years old, married with five children and everything I do, doesn’t go well with me. I am a professional teacher but I left my job to form an NGO with some friends to help the needy in society. My friends are doing well but I am not making anything out of what I am doing. I am not able to concentrate on anything I do and I am wallowing in abject poverty with my family. Many opportunities came my way and I tried my best to make a head way but all have not yielded any good results. I wish I could come to Nigeria to meet the Prophet personally, but the distance and money involved is high for me to afford. But I have the faith and believe that, there is no barrier to prayer, and that if it is God’s will, He can use the Prophet to deliver me in Ghana. There is one Prayer request I want to make to the Prophet. A job opportunity is coming my way for which an approval has been made. This job comes with a vehicle, but because of past experiences, I fear I may loose it, as others have come and gone without success. I need an intervention prayer.

    God bless the Prophet and his Prayer Warriors.

  13. so prophet why am l here for????

  14. am good at writing books,poems,inspirational talks,singing and composing of new songs but still confuse of whom am truly am.
    i want to be a life changer,that true me many souls will be touched,
    but the finance to carry out this vision is blanck.
    help me discover whom am truly am through JESUS CHRIST MY LORD.

  15. Good is good all the time.

  16. Dorothy Mutenguna

    i may the almight God review the person who stole tyres at my workplace.
    i wish God s plans for my life in area of future and gift of the womb.

  17. trust and love is why iam here

  18. How i ll get the answer to my question?

  19. love God all the time

  20. God is good all the time,all the time God is good. In summary i was overwhelmed and delighted and appreciates GOD with all his merciful joy to show me and discover my talent at my youth service year. I confirmed it and it’s real, go for yours – just go for yours. Take care all the BEST !

  21. Please help me to be in the right path for christ and to know him well. Thank you and look forward to hearing from him my saviour.

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